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Here at Assay Office Birmingham, our job is to help you.
We’re in business to help your business succeed, so after having listened to your invaluable feedback, we have made further improvements to our telephone system. 

We have successfully implemented Skype for Business, to serve you better.
You require a speedy service, so that’s what we have given you. We have changed our call structure to match your needs. Your enquiries will be separated by existing orders, new orders, technical enquiries and general enquiries (including Finance, HR and Marketing). You will then be put through to the relevant department. As usual, calls will be separated at source, ensuring you’re only ever two selections away from talking to one of our friendly colleagues.
We have a best practice promise, so we’re always at your service. Our system is extremely intuitive and records every single call that comes into our business, sending emails to our teams when calls are missed or voicemails left. This ensures that we never miss a call, so you know you can turn to us with confidence.


  • We will ALWAYS give you our names when we answer your calls – relationships are important to us and we want to make sure that you know exactly who you’re talking to
  • We will ALWAYS take your details before transferring you to a colleague – that way if we do lose you, we can call you straight back
  • We will ALWAYS use the status information to let you know exactly which member of our team is available to help you
  • We will ALWAYS call you back, whether we’ve missed your call or you’ve left a voicemail – as long as you’re not ex-directory, our system will give us the information we need to contact you

Our new call structure will be effective from Monday 18th April, so give us a call on 0121 236 6951 and put us to the test!


Here’s our new call structure, aimed at helping you get to the right person, in next to no time at all. It’s designed to make life easier for you. With the below telephony tree, you don’t even need to wait to hear the options, just select the relevant numbers once you’ve heard the welcome message. So if you’re calling to check on an existing hallmarking order, you would simply press 1 then 1.

Telephony Tree

We’d love to hear your feedback. As we aim to be the best, your satisfaction is our top priority. So if you have any further feedback on our telephone system, please send your thoughts to  



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