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Specialist Equipment


specialist equipment

AnchorCert Gem Lab has a fully equipped, state of the art laboratory specifically designed to test, assess and grade white diamonds, coloured diamonds, gemstones and pearls.

The Gem Lab is located within the premises of Assay Office Birmingham, which is situated in the heart of the UK Jewellery Quarter.

The AnchorCert Gem Lab has a range of highly sophisticated equipment that can accurately screen for, and positively identify, treated and synthetic diamonds. Enhancements such as fracture filling, laser drilling and internal laser are frequently detected using high power magnification.  A combination of results from the Diamond Sure™, Diamond View™, Raman Spectroscope, FTIR (Fourier transform Infra-red) Spectroscope, UV-Vis-NIR and XRF is used by the experienced and highly qualified AnchorCert Gem Lab gemmologists in order to reach a final decision depending on the type of stone being tested.

Continuing technological Investment keeps the laboratory at the forefront of diamond grading, gemstone identification and pearl testing in the UK.  AnchorCert Gem Lab has invested in extremely specialised GIA software enabling the laboratory to add the ‘Cut Grade’ to its Full Diamond Report.

All stones sent to AnchorCert Gem Lab are screened to ensure they are natural

Raman Spectroscope
UV-VIS NIR Spectrophotometer
Bruker Tensor 37 - FTIR
Diamond View
Pearl X-Ray Machine
Calibrated Scales
Diamond Colorimeter
Diamond Lite
diamond sue
Diamond Sure
gia master
GIA Master Stones 
Laser Inscription Equipment
Photography Set Up
Presidium Gauge
Rayner Dialex Refractometer  
Sarin DiaMension
Specific Gravity

AnchorCert Gem Lab is able to detect and identify synthetic diamonds and HPHT treated stones as well as enhancements ranging from laser drilling and fracture filled stones to colour treated diamonds.

AnchorCert Gem Lab screens every stone at the outset to look for any tell tale signs that the stone is not what it purports to be.  

The equipment itself is of course only the beginning as the expertise and experience of the gemmologist is crucial to interpreting the data from different sources to reach a definite conclusion which could impact the value of the stone significantly.  AnchorCert Gem Lab gemmologists pride themselves on being at the forefront of the latest developments so they know the latest treatment to look out for, using their wide range of instruments.  

There has been a huge increase in the number of scientific techniques developed to enhance the colour or clarity of a diamond or gemstone. Synthetic gems are also more prevalent and these may have the same chemical composition and physical structure and optical properties as a natural stone, making them very difficult to identify.  The only difference may be due to some minor internal characteristic.  this is due to the fact that these stones are made in a laboratory in a fraction of the time that "Mother Nature" takes to create natural stones.   

Most of the synthetic and treated gemstones and diamonds are robust and the enhanced colour or clarity irreversible after treatment.  These stones are totally acceptable to the industry as long as they are disclosed, correctly described and, most importantly, appropriately priced as their value will be lower than the equivalent quality natural stone.

Identifying treatments and synthetics is therefore critical to any Gem Lab which values it reputation and that of its customers.

A wide variety of equipment is required to test and grade a  stone in order to achieve satisfactory results . Some items such as microscopes and weighing scales are standard to all Gemmological facilities. Others are more specialised. The battery of highly sophisticated analytical equipment that AnchorCert Gem Lab has in its armoury is unique in the UK, representing an exceptionally high level of investment to ensure that every stone is fully assessed to deliver the correct outcome. 

All gem testing carried out in the AnchorCert Gem Lab uses non destructive technology.


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