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AnchorCert Gem Lab

AnchorCert Gem Lab is the leading UK gemmological facility, fully resourced with all the necessary equipment and expertise to assess gemstones and pearls and identify those which have been subject to increasingly sophisticated enhancements or are in fact synthetic. 

AnchorCert Gem Lab provides diamond, gemstone and pearl reports by highly qualified Gemmologists and Diamond Graders from its Centre of Excellence in  Assay Office Birmingham. Integrity and an unbiased independent opinion every time are guaranteed. AnchorCert offers a wide range of services including verbal and written assessments of loose and mounted stones. The team takes pride in working closely with its customers to provide an appropriate service for their requirements, while maintaining its very high quality standards.

AnchorCert Gem Lab is certificated by BSI to ISO:9001, meaning that both its business and technical process are carefully documented and audited. This standard imposes a discipline which ensures a consistent approach, accurate results and a culture of continuous improvement, to the benefit of both customers and staff.  

AnchorCert Gem Lab Services include:

  • Full Diamond Reports – with or without a facet diagram for white diamonds
  • Full Diamond Reports -  with facet diagram for coloured diamonds
  • Diamond Mini Reports for loose and mounted stones
  • Laser Inscription of report numbers and messages onto loose diamonds and gemstones or stones set jewellery pieces
  • Identification of High Pressure, High Temperature (HPHT) on treated diamonds and HPHT and CVD synthetics
  • Testing and reporting colour origin of coloured diamonds
  • Tanzanite testing and grading
  • Gemstone identification and testing for treatments
  • Identification of country of origin for Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire
  • Pearl testing
  • Authentication of small stones in watches and jewellery 


All diamonds assessed by the AnchorCert Gem Lab are first screened to make sure they are natural. Gemmologists check diligently for signs of any type of colour and clarity enhancement including HPHT treatment.

The AnchorCert Gem Lab has a range of extremely sophisticated equipment that can accurately screen for, and positively identify, treated and synthetic diamonds. Enhancements such as fracture filling and laser treatments are frequently detected using high power magnification. A combination of results from the Diamond Sure™, Diamond View™, Raman Spectroscope, FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-Red), UV-Vis and XRF is used by the experienced and highly qualified AnchorCert Gem Lab gemmologists in order to reach a final decision on treatments and synthetics.

Continuing technological Investment keeps the gemmological laboratory at the forefront of diamond testing and grading, gemstone  identification and pearl testing in the UK.  AnchorCert Gem Lab has invested in very specialised software enabling the laboratory to add the  GIA  ‘Cut Grade’ to its Full Diamond Report.


AnchorCert Gem Lab also provides a diamond and gemstone Laser Inscription Service which uses a sophisticated laser process to inscribe delicate marks on to the girdle of a diamond or gemstone without damaging the stone.  Inscriptions can be applied to loose diamonds and gemstones as well as to diamonds and gemstones that are already set into jewellery, as long as the area to be inscribed is easily accessible, i.e. between the claws of a ring setting. Virtually invisible to the naked eye, the laser inscriptions can be a secret message marked on the stone for eternity or can simply be a unique security number that will identify the diamond as yours in case of loss.  It can even laser inscribe a company or personal logo.

AnchorCert Gem Lab Gemmologists are all highly qualified and experienced.  They maintain their expertise by undertaking continual professional development through a range of recognised formal and practical training courses.  As a team their expertise in the identification of diamonds, coloured gems and pearls is unrivalled in the UK.



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