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We are delighted to announce the launch of our new Synthetic Diamond Detection Service.  DeBeers Group designed this instrument to enhance pipeline integrity and consumer confidence throughout the diamond industry.  With the market seeing more simulants detected and positively identified in set pieces of jewellery as well as loose stones, this service can confirm whether a diamond is natural.  A simple natural or refer result can be reported. If you need to state your product uses only natural diamonds, SYNTHdetect screening will give you this confidence.

If referred, and required, further analysis can be carried out to stones that have not been identified as natural and have therefore been referred i.e. is the stone a rare diamond type IIa (some may refer), a Synthetic diamond, or a Simulant.

This service will not identify treatments the stone may have undergone including HPHT, laser drilling, fracture filling, etc. Our expert Gemmologists can help if this is also part of the service you require. Please call for more details.

This instrument uses the principle of time-resolved photoluminescence and an expert interpretation of the result is made stating whether the stone is natural or referred.

The SYNTHdetect screening service will give your business total confidence in the natural diamond products you are selling and the description you are applying.

We are pleased to offer this as the latest addition to our range of diamond services. This service can be applied to both set pieces as well as loose stones.

Our services will include a walk-in service through our Customer Services counter, postal or courier service through your usual carriage provider. 

We are able to offer this service in a number of different ways:

  • Verbal Report
  • Mini Report
  • Full Analysis Report (should the stones be referred). 

Depending on the service you request, it can be carried out on a same-day service or our standard turnaround service.  

If you have specific requirements outside of our standard price list then please call us to discuss your requirements.

A submission form is available to download from the downloads section of our website or can be collected from Customer Services. 

For more information please call: 0121 236 6951


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