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A Gemmological Report verifies the identity, quality and characteristics of your stone and a declaration of any treatments.

We provide Reports for Diamonds, Gemstones and Pearls for loose or Jewellery set pieces.



The price of a diamond should be reflected by its Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat weight globally known as the 4Cs.

A qualified gemmologist can verify a diamond based on the 4C's.  Therefore, if you are looking to ascertain the quality of your diamonds, you will need to instruct an independent Gem Lab, such as AnchorCert, to assess and grade your diamonds or gemstones accurately to International Standards.

A diamond report verifies and details the diamond you are buying or selling and will describe a diamond's qualities and characteristics.   It will also identify whether the stone has undergone any treatment processes , such as, fracture filling or laser drilling as well as HPHT treatment that will affect its overall quality and value.


AnchorCert Gem Lab offers Pearl Identification for Natural Pearls, Cultured Pearls and Imitations.


AnchorCert Gem Lab offers expert services for identification of your gemstones.

We offer different levels of service, from a basic identification to a comprehensive report detailing treatments and country of origin where possible.


AnchorCert Gem Lab developed their own grading system for Tanzanite.

It is a grading system which concentrates on the depth of colour and lack of inclusions. Stones are tested for authenticity and automatically checked for treatment of cobalt coating and fracture filling.

This service is provided for loose stones and Tanzanite jewellery set items.

Gemmological reports are also important if you are looking to get your diamonds and gemstone jewellery valued for insurance purposes, but also if you are looking to sell your items.

AnchorCert Gem Lab is a division of the Birmingham Assay Office a company established nearly 250 years ago, to protect the consumer.   Not only does AnchorCert Gem Lab sit within the Birmingham Assay Office, but the gemmological lab works closely with the Jewellery and Watch Valuation division, SafeGuard Valuations, offering customers the benefit of a professional service with the UK's gemmological and valuation experts.

 If you would like to speak to us about our diamond, gemstone or pearl reports, please contact us here or call us on 0121 794 1326.



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