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BA Hons Jewellery and Silversmithing The School of Jewellery, Birmingham

The latest crop of talented graduates from Birmingham’s prestigious School of Jewellery welcome you to be immersed in the exciting world of contemporary jewellery and object to discover all that this insightful, inspiring and innovative field of the arts has to offer. The Graduate Show 2014 will exhibit the delightfully diverse collections by the graduates of BA (hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing* and will run from Monday 9th June to Saturday 14th June in the Exhibition Hall at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham. The show is a culmination of three intensive and formative years of training under the guidance of world-renowned contemporary jewellers and as such is a fabulous chance to see the next generation of jewellery artists as they take their firsts steps into the field. The show seeks to stimulate intrigue, challenge perceptions of adornment and captivate each viewer with the wealth of different meanings, materials and aesthetic styles on display. “The diverse mix of nationalities has enabled this year’s graduates to cross cultural frontiers to generate new thinking. This results in a visual feast of fresh ideas across the spectrum of jewellery design and related products..” said Zoe Robertson, Course Director. An Industry Evening, with prize-giving ceremony is to be held on Tuesday 10th June, followed by a friends and family Private View Evening on Saturday 14th. Both of the evening events will offer the chance to meet the artists, all of whom would be delighted to talk about their work and give a personal perspective; and should any of the pieces prove captivating enough to keep, the opportunity to purchase or commission pieces will be available. Among the group many members have already received notable accolades for their work, including two graduates attaining bursaries from the esteemed Goldsmiths Company and a number of graduates being selected to represent The School of Jewellery at the New Designers exhibition at the Business Design Centre in London from 25th-28th June. Jewellery Futures 2014. BA Hons Jewellery and Silversmithing, School of Jewellery, Birmingham. Graduate Show, 9th and 14th June, The Exhibition Hall at The School of Jewellery. School of Jewellery, BIAD, Vittoria Street, Birmingham B1 3PA [w] [w] [w] [b] Image credits: Abbie Williams:  ‘Palimpsest’. Brooch, 2014 Amy Peace Buzzard: ‘Forgotten Shadows.’. Double Brooch Bow Sangthong: ‘Mammalia’. Neckpiece, 2014 Harriet Rose Knight: ‘A Portrayal of Composure’. Bracelets, 2014 Isabella Man Liu: ‘Mending’. Jewellery objects, 2014 Nati Sarrazin: ‘Untitled’.  Contemplative vessels, 2014 Ruth Conway: ‘Threads’. Brooch, 2014 Youdi Lou: ‘Mister Dream’. Brooches, 2014   Courtesy of BENCHPEG



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