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Precious metal prices remain high, driving demand for valuations as people need to ensure their jewellery, watches and silverware are still adequately insured. There has been some eye watering price increases, particularly in the case of gold which is now five times what it was in 2000 at over £1,000 per ounce. Unsurprisingly, SafeGuard remained busy throughout 2012 and the high volumes continued right through December, a month which was historically very quiet. This marked shift in seasonality is no doubt also partially due to the lower footfall through retail jewellers who are selling fewer items but with a higher average price. Jewellers now continue to sell repairs and services which at one time were given very low priority in the lead up to Christmas. There is no sign of precious metal prices dropping and SafeGuard are gearing up for a busy 2013, particularly as more and more insurers are demanding a valuation provided by a recognised professional with Institute of Registered Valuer status.  For more information on the SafeGuard jewellery and silverware valuation service or to send items in to SafeGuard for valuation Tel: 0871 423 7922 or email



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