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Diamond & Tanzanite Grading, Coloured Gemstone & Pearl Identification

Following Brexit, now is an opportune time to get your gemstones assessed and certified with AnchorCert Gem Lab. Our gemmological laboratory offers diamond and tanzanite grading, as well as coloured gemstone and pearl identification. We operate a fully-equipped laboratory using certified GIA colour comparison master stones and a range of specialist advanced testing equipment.


Our sophisticated range of specialist spectroscopic testing equipment includes;
  • Raman Spectrophotometer - The ONLY equipment that can conclusively identify High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treatment in Type IIA diamonds. 
  • DiamondSure - The initial spectroscopic screening process applied to all diamonds to identify natural diamonds, those susceptible to HPHT and to aid detection of possible synthetic diamonds and simulants.
  • Sarin Diamension - Determines accurate geometrical measurements of loose polished stones, working with GIA Facetware software to provide the estimated GIA Cut Grade for Modern Round Brilliant diamonds.
  • Diamond View - Uses very short wave UV radiation to induce fluorescence which helps to separate natural and synthetic diamonds and identify colour enhancement treatment. 
  • FTIR - Used to differentiate diamond types and to differentiate between natural and synthetic diamonds with natural or treated colour, helps separate other natural and synthetic gemstones and identify polymer impregnation in gemstones.
  • UV-Vis - Helps in conclusive identification of origin of colour in diamonds and for identifying localities for sapphires and emeralds.
  • X-Ray radiography - X-Ray technology is used to identify Natural, Beaded and Non-Beaded Cultured pearls.

AnchorCert Gem Lab is part of the AnchorCert Group. At AnchorCert Group, we have diversified our services in order to protect the consumer and serve the trade, with integrity and innovation.



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