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Raman Spectroscope

The Raman Spectroscope is an unmistakeably fantastic piece of equipment that few people are lucky enough to ever get to use. For AnchorCert Gem Lab however, it means we can test for anything as complicated as HPHT treatment (High Pressure High Temperature)on diamonds or as straight forward as gem identification. AnchorCert Gem Lab is also fortunate to have the use of three lasers – the 514.2mm (green), 633.4mm (red) and 458mm (blue). These allow the gemmologists to examine a wider area of the visible and near infrared spectrum. After looking for certain peaks, which confirms whether a diamond is treated or not, the UV-Vis is used to analyse the ultraviolet range of the electromagnetic spectrum. This helps the gemmologists to explore which ‘group’ a naturally coloured diamond falls into and to assign a final colour grading.

The Raman Spectroscope is used for the following:

  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) treatment testing of diamonds
  • Identification of synthetic diamonds
  • Identification of irradiation in diamonds
  • Differentiation between diamond and moissanite 
  • Identification of various gem material where standard gemmological tests can not be carried out
  • Identification of natural or synthetic gemstones
  • Identification of treatments
  • Identification of inclusions in gemstones
  • Test and authenticate very small set stones

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